Rich must really love me. Early this morning he had to clean the bathroom floor, shove me in the shower, and then hand wash my nightshirt because the food poisoning caused by the under-cooked pork well and truly took hold. Thankfully he seems unaffected, at least for the time being, but he’s always slower than me to succumb to illness. Tis a right pain having such a sensitive digestive system, not least because it means day 7 was spent largely in bed. Still, it’s taught us a valuable lesson – that unless we can prepare meat properly, we mustn’t eat it. Stating the blooming obvious I know, but we all  tend to get a bit blase on our hols on occasion.

Ruedi very kindly phoned ahead and postponed our arrival at Adele y Helmut and as we were the only guests that day there were no questions asked about us spending an extra night in the guesthouse, allowing me ample time to recover. He and his wife even sent Rich back from breakfast with a bottle of fruit juice for when I was able to start eating and drinking again. They also made every effort to make sure that he ate properly,  much to my relief as he can’t afford to lose any more weight. I on the other hand, won’t suffer any lasting damage from only being able to sip water for a wee while.

Rich spent the day sitting on the patio reading, walking around the very tranquil vineyard, and making his way back and forth to the restaurant for meals, including a very tasty chicken pasta dish for dinner. He forgot to put suncream on the top of his feet but Sudafed cream brought some relief – that stuff is magic. He tried to blame me for the sunburn, saying that my being ill distracted him from applying cream to all exposed areas, but I gave him one of my special looks. By bedtime I was able to drink half a can of coke, eat a cereal bar and write a few lines in my journal so we made plans to continue on our way tomorrow, and make it another Dervla day.