I couldn’t sleep last night for fear that the windows were going to blow in. Southern Chile certainly knows how to throw a storm! Rich, being none the wiser, slept like a baby, oblivious to the fact that I’m worrying that he’ll get glassed. The wind managed to work its way through every gap in the walls so come morning it’s freezing, but we’ve run out of kindling for the fire. The hardy souls that we are, we decide to go sight seeing regardless and instruct Dervla to direct us through the driving rain to the Saltos del Petrohue waterfalls. Not surprisingly there are only a handful of people there, and the guides warn us that we enter at our own risk as the storm has brought down a few large tree branches, and the walkways are very slippy. I’ve been hit by a falling branch before (only a little one) so we press ahead. With so much water we really get to see the full force of the falls, and I regret not having invested in a proper waterproof case for my camera. From the falls we follow the short marked Carilemu nature trail which whilst waterlogged is still very scenic, and peaceful without the crowds.

Leaving the saltos behind we follow the road to Petrohue. This has been washed away in parts by snow melt from Volcan Osorno, making the journey a rather exciting one! The landscape is stunning, and we go for a short wet walk by Lago Todos Los Santos. Alas there’s still no view of the volcano which towers over us (apparently) but as we’re both geologists in a former life we’re fascinated to be walking along the black volcanic sands and through regenerating forest. The sighting of two fellow walkers was made memorable by the fact that the girl was wearing hotpants, in the rain, whilst we’re in full wet weather gear. But perhaps they though that we were the strange ones. Doesn’t everyone like to feel raindrops on their skin?

Whilst the crowds are kept at bay by the weather we nip back into town on our way and stock up on dry goods for Christmas, including 5 boxes of gluten free chocolate chip cookies. That’s the important stuff sorted and means that we’ll only have to do a big food shop once more on this trip, hurrah! Rich cooks up steak and chips for tea, and we start packing for the move to our next home from home tomorrow. We’ll miss this little cabin but we’re desperate to escape the wind and rain, as this is a bit too much like home (Wales and Cumbria). We’re not looking for hot hot. We’d just rather not have wet feet,and be able to sit outside on an evening.