In a few days Dervla will be put in charge of navigating us around Romania. I’ve downloaded  the Tom Tom Eastern Europe map so she’s good to go. Unfortunately this meant that I had to delete the Western Europe map and so have had trouble finding my way around the one way system here at home. As you may well have thought whilst reading our stories, some people shouldn’t be let loose in a car 🙂

The other bit of good news is that Rich now has his driving licence back, after being a poorly bunny last year. Whilst having to drive around Chile having only had my licence for a year was the making of my driving, we’ve already started arguing about who’s going to drive this road in Romania. If it’s me, I’ll get Rich to video it, so that you can ooh and ahh at my driving prowess. When you’re not laughing. As I proved in Iceland whilst driving route F26 across the Sprengisandur, even when I’m terrified, I concentrate too hard to even think about crying.

We’ll report back  in a few weeks. There’ll no doubt be lots of laughter, perhaps a few tears (shed by Rich, if I’m driving), and a few glasses of tuica downed.