We spent Christmas and New Year in one of our favourite places in the whole wide world – Iceland. Dervla sadly had to stay at home, not because she’s been naughtier than usual, but because TomTom don’t produce an Iceland map for their satnavs. No, I don’t know why either. Although as Iceland often gets left off maps of Europe then I suppose it’s easy for some people to forget that it exists. For those of you who don’t know – it’s the blob between Greenland and Norway. The one that has volcanoes and glaciers, and lots of former Vikings.


This was my fourth trip, hubby’s fifth, and whilst we stayed mainly in and around Reykjavik, we did spend 24 hours in Isafjordur up in the North West fjords, and just a few miles south of the Arctic Circle.


I’ll be blogging lots about the trip and our adventures over the next few weeks, but before you ask – no we didn’t sample rotten shark or fermented skate. Gagging over your food is never a good look, and I like mine to stay in my stomach. We did however eat lots of skyr – a national pudding that tastes a little like a luxurious yoghurt, but is actually a type of cheese. Apparently they import it to a few very posh shops in London, so I’ll have a quiet word with my local supermarket before the withdrawal symptoms set in.

Despite Dervla’s absence, she was very much with us in spirit, and I would occasionally try and replicate her screeching at us in an Irish accent to “Turn around now! Turn around now”! We were still very brave though and hired a car for three days so that we could play on the snow and ice explore outside of the city. Fortunately Rich’s navigational skills are better than mine, and probably Dervla’s to be honest. Sorry D.