January 3rd – we woke feeling weary, and so decided to take a bus trip to the Seltjarnarnes peninsula, the Westernmost part of Greater Reykjavik.

The No.11 took us from Hlemmur right to the footpath that circles the peninsula. Whilst still very much part of Reykjavik, it feels worlds away, and is certainly well off the beaten track as far as other tourists are concerned.


We walked around the south coast to the nature reserve, and then along the magnificent black volcanic beach to the causeway. Fortunately we’d timed our visit with the low tide and were able to cross onto the little island called Grótta, to see the lighthouse. We’d both love to have stayed here for a night, although I imagine that it can get a little stormy.

From Grótta we walked along the north coast into town, passing a little geothermal rock pool which we were only able to resist because we were on route to Seltjarnarneslaug  for a dip.

Seltjarnarneslaug was without a doubt our favourite thermal pool. It has 4 hot pots and 2 swimming pools, is cheaper than our local pool – Laugardalslaug, and was lovely and quiet. I was welcomed by a little dance from a chubby toddler in the changing room, and we stayed for an hour, relishing our final opportunity on this trip to gently simmer in an Icelandic hot pot.

Seltjarnarneslaug waiting area
Seltjarnarneslaug waiting area

The bus back leaves from the main road through town, just a few minutes walk from the baths, and after popping into the 10-11 store for such essentials as skyr, appelsin and chocolate, we caught the No.14 back to Langholtsvegur.