Bacon sarnies were the one thing I missed when I was a veggie, for 14 years. And they always taste that much better on holiday, especially after a week of walking when you’re a wee bit tired.

Leaving Rich to snooze off his breakfast and keep a close watch on the tortoises, I ambled over to Vicky’s pottery to buy a few bits and pieces to remind us of our trip, including some star shaped tiles that have already inspired a mosaic of their own – one based on my wedding dress fabric. It wasn’t white, that’s all I’ll say for now.

Later that morning we drove the 7 miles to Caersws – a former Roman fortress town, and walked a few miles along the Severn Way, picknicking on the hill just above Llandinam.

After the solitude of the last few days, Caersws felt like a thriving metropolis, despite being pretty much a village, and it hit our senses hard! We both crave time away from crowds and noise, and find coming back to urban life a bit of an anti-climax, especially on a holiday day when the streets are busier that they would be otherwise.

Caersws didn’t have the same feel as Llawr-y-glyn, possibly because it’s that much closer to the border with England, and on the main A-road. Llawr-y-glyn just felt that little bit special, welcoming and quirky. Caersws less so. But perhaps we were just letting fatigue dampen our spirits.

Back at the cottage for 3pm, in time for cuddles with all of the creatures. It didn’t take us long to pack up ready for the journey home the next day, but we knew we’d really miss this place. Our hearts really do belong in the wild places.

Quirky things happen in this part of the world
Quirky things happen in this part of the world