With the day dawning lovely and sunny again, and with just the right amount of crispiness in the air, we couldn’t not walk up ‘Sugar Loaf’. This peak lies on the Eastern side of the Brecon Beacons, and on a clear day provides amazing views over the national park.

Dervla got a bit confused near Abergavenny, and tried to take us to an altogether different village, but fortunately Rich realised what she was up to just in the nick of time, and used our trusty OS map to over-ride her directions. Thanks to Dervla’s antics, I don’t think I’ll ever trust a GPS device for walking in the wilds! Give me a map and compass any day.

We parked at ‘Porth-y-parc’ – a car park with amazing views over the town, and followed the track to the junction at Twyn Gwyn, and then on up to the summit. We saw one fellow walker close to the car, otherwise had the slopes to ourselves. Despite feeling tired, and having to wade through knee deep snow on the north east side of the mountain, Rich announced that  “I’ve not had this much fun in months!” Proof indeed that getting out and about works wonders for the spirit, chemo n’all.

Note to self – don’t even think about hiring the High Beeches holiday barn. Having enjoyed perfect conditions on the hill, and successfully cleared four days worth of mud off our boots in the snow, I sent Rich on ahead a few minutes away from the car so that I could make a loo stop. I then followed in his footsteps, on a designated footpath, past High Beeches farm, only to find Rich standing by the gate waiting for me. As soon as I approached the gate, the farmer popped his head over the hedge and casually announced “I could have shot you then!”

Me: “Sorry?”

Farmer: “I could have shot you”

Me: “Ummm, why?”

Farmer: “Because he didn’t see or hear me” – pointing to Rich.

Me: “He’s deaf”

Farmer: “Oh. I’m sorry. Did you enjoy the hill?!”

Had we been anywhere else, I’d have been surprised at a stranger demonstrating such passive aggressive behaviour. In Wales sadly, not so much!

Fortunately we escaped, and no shots were fired.