Full of fish after our buffet lunch at Trollharens Fisk, we headed back on to the E4 motorway and north to Hudiksvall. The plan was to stop off at the ICA supermarket just south of town to stock up for the next two days, but Dervla decided to do her usual by insisting that I do a u-turn. On  the motorway. With barriers between the two sets of traffic. So we missed the ICA, but purely by chance ended up ‘lost’ near a Lidl. It wasn’t the best stocked Lidl in the world, but we did manage to find an instant barbecue and some gluten free burgers.

Two miles out of Hudiksvall, or Hudi as we liked to call it, we found our cabin for the next two nights, on a working farm lovingly called ‘The Cheerful Pea’. Ulrika and Christer, the owners of the farm, are both from Hudi, and run an apple pressing company, as well as looking after their sheep. Fortunately they’re passionate about preserving the tranquility of the area and so there’ll only ever be the one cabin, but what a cabin it is. Sleeping 4, it comes complete with a kitchenette and shower/toilet room, and you get a wonderful view of the chicken coop, and the sheep being bought inside in the evenings. Some of the sheep were so friendly that they’d run over for cuddles on the way, a result of having been bottle fed as babbies, and knowing that humans like cuddling fluffy things.


Watching the sheep from the cabin
Watching the sheep from the cabin

Rich settled down to do the man v fire thing with the instant barbecue, the smell of which bought over one of the five cats – a gorgeous ginger female called Cucumber who liked to lie down and have her tummy tickled. The cabin comes complete with fly screens so you can still open the window without being eaten alive by mozzies. With darkness not fully descending here until gone 11pm, they come out in force on warm, breeze free evenings. They couldn’t bother us inside the cosy cabin though, and after making the most of the fantastic shower, and admiring the use of all things Ikea, we headed to bed.

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