As my eye was looking even worse for wear following the mozzie bites, we decided against parking at Rombovallen and walking along the Pilgrim’s Way to Stradalsvallen. Whilst the track looks interesting, it runs mainly through marshland and boggy woodland, and I couldn’t risk getting any more bites that affected my ability to see properly, if I was to continue sharing the driving.

Instead we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of frankfurters and fried onions – very Swedish I’m sure, met the lovely Camilla (owner of the cottage) when she arrived from Falun (in Dalarna) and introduced herself, and then headed back up to park at the Lofsdalen Panorama resort and follow the trail to Glötdalsvallen.

Fortunately the drizzle and a slight breeze kept most of the mozzies away, allowing us to enjoy the views behind Hovarken and Digervalen. We got as far as Digerbakkolen and the stream before Rich had had enough of trying to balance on the planks across the marsh – quite a difficult feat when you have no cochlears, and rely on keeping sight of the horizon to stay upright.

On the return trip we found some very bear looking fur attached to a tree so decided not to linger. Unfortunately this meant that I didn’t look around properly before taking a loo stop, only to discover a couple sitting on the hill watching us whilst eating their lunch. They gave us a big wave as we set off, so I’m assuming that they found my embarassment amusing, and that the sight of my bum hadn’t put them off their snack!

Back to the cabin for a late lunch, before a final trip to the ICA supermarket to stock up before we left Lofsdalen. Whilst I drooled over the pastry section, Rich nipped into the gift shop next door to buy me a birthday pressie, which I then wasn’t supposed to know he’d hidden next to the spare wheel in the boot. What intrigued us most however was the free gift he was given at the till:

Yep, it’s a condom. In the words of the cardboard insert – “Lofsdalen cares about you!” We reckon that the phone number provided would lead to a free chlamydia test, or as Rich lip read it, a ‘camilla’ test. I’m guessing that Lofsdalen turns into quite the party town during peak season!