Thanks to slightly warmer temperatures than yesterday, the hills were shrouded in mist when we woke. Whilst waiting for the skies to clear a little, we ate our favourite cold weather breakfast – porridge made with cream and served with banana and honey. Luxurious, but much needed before a good walk.

Powys has definitely been good for our health. We always leave feeling refreshed, and for me – it’s a chance to create better memories of Wales than the ones I have of my childhood in the South. That’s a long story for another time though.

We instructed Dervla to navigate us to the village of Aberedw, and parked up by the riverside picnic benches. We then walked back up the minor road to the centre, before cutting back and following a footpath across the fields on the other side of the river. Big mistake! The walk quickly become a mud and sludge fest, with the sludge at one stage largely made up of cow manure. Much like Sunday’s walk, we were not impressed. I get annoyed when footpaths aren’t maintained, not least because they do bring tourists to an area, and tourists spend money in said area, so the initial investment is worth it. In some cases, landowners seem to go out of their way to make if difficult for walkers however – padlocking rights of way, or covering the path in cow muck. Am not sure why as walkers are not a bad bunch. We don’t want to cause damage or trespass – we just want to walk on by and enjoy the landscape.

Having lost my rag with the walking guide book, we went off piste and climbed up the side of the valley. Staying high, we were able to enjoy the views before descending to the bridge and walking back along the road to the car. Arriving back at the cottage, we were finally greeted with cuddles from the daft cocker spaniel, who then ran back to tell mum that he’d been brave and met the latest guests. I do like daft dogs.