Oh migraine, how you test me. After an uncomfortable night I was a little worried about telling Rich that I wasn’t up for a walk today, what with us being on a walking holiday n’all, but when he eventually rose at 10am, the first thing he did was suggest that we have an easy day. Great minds and all that. By noon the pain had started to dissipate, so after a light lunch we walked in to town to admire the alpine frescoes for which Obermmergau is famous.


At the Tourist Information office we discovered that the walking test centre we’d read about is actually 14 miles away, so we’d not be testing any of their equipment on this trip. Instead we then headed to the Tengelmann supermarket to stock up on groceries. It’s much posher than the nearby Lidl, but still cheaper than our Sainsbury’s, and blissfully quiet. We bought what looked like chicken skewers for dinner, but to be honest we’d have eaten them even if they’d turned out to be horse.

After discovering a sign that said that Obermmergau is twinned with Mora – a Swedish town that we drove through and stayed near last Summer, we walked back to the apartment along the river footpath, taking a short cut past the school. German towns are so much more walker friendly than those in the UK, with an abaundance of footpaths. Navigating on foot back home often feels like an obstacle course. Here, walking is seen as the natural thing to do, and they make it easy.