After a two course breakfast of yoghurt with fruit, followed by frankfurters and streaky bacon, we made our way to the Sesselbahn chairlift, via the River Ammer footpath. Even on a lovely warm day, we had the chairlift to ourselves, about which I was secretly relieved as I’d never been in one before and like to avoid too many public humiliations! Fortunately it moved reasonably slowly, allowing us to take in the view as we moved onwards and upwards, although I stumbled when trying to get off whilst still moving, and then Rich with his poor balance, fell off on to me. We make a great pair!


We walked on past the kolbensattel-hutte, and from there followed a wonderfully scenic trail to Pürschling-Haus, at 1566 metres. Sadly the higher we’d climbed, the more we found ourselves walking in mist, so we didn’t quite get the views we were hoping for, but this certainly didn’t detract from the experience. We enjoyed a large glass of Fanta each in the restaurant at the top, before retracing our steps, ready for our descent Oberammergau style!

The Alpine Coaster is basically what it says on the tin – a 2.5km long roller coaster, down the side of the mountain. It has 73 curves, 9 jumps, and relies on the driver using the brake. With Rich driving, and me sitting in front to try and take some pics, I seemed to spend most of my time screaming “slow down!” before remembering that Rich is deaf, and resorting to flapping my hands up and down like a crazy bird, literally. Rich quipped that having me in front, added extra ballast, making it easier to pick up speed!

Once we’d retrieved our bags from the ‘rucksack station’ – they get sent on ahead via the chairlift, so you better hope that your bags handles hold out, we made our way slowly back along the river, perusing the windows of several wooden scultpure shops along the way, the adrenaline rush now having well and truly subsided. A fabulous day out, for kids big and little!