Fortunately I was already up before the workmen started digging up the road at 8am. They certainly don’t start work that early in the UK, which explains a lot. Now well and truly in walking holiday mode, we left the apartment before 10am so as to try and avoid the worst of the afternoon heat. We were forecast 24 degrees C later that day – about my air temperature limit as a POTS person.

We wanted to take a quick look at the Passion Theatre for which Oberammergau is famous, but thought it resembled a mausoleum. Neither of us are believers, but we were surprised at how austere it looked – for some reason we’d expected more grandeur.

Not wanting to linger, we headed out of town on a farm track, and walked along the valley to Unterammergau. Despite being surrounded by lovely views, we barely saw another soul on the path. Just outside of Unterammergau we turned back towards the east and followed a track which I’d read about as being particularly scenic – the Altherrenweg.

We stopped at the small but perfectly formed Berggasthaus Romanshöhe for an ice cold drink, before heading back in towards Oberammergau, and our last visit to the wellenberg outdoor swimming pools. We only stayed for about an hour, long enough for me to cool down in the natural spring water pool, today at a balmy temperature of 15 degrees C. With our guest cards we saved a healthy 6 euros, and found the pools much quieter than they were on the weekend.

Back to the shade of the apartment, before heading out at 7pm to a restaurant we’d spotted on our first evening here, just over the wooded hill, on the outskirts of Oberammergau. We hadn’t registered that it was called Magic Restaurant Zauberstub’n, but within minutes the host was performing magic tricks for us and other diners. Turns out that he used to be a professional magician, and that he bought the restaraunt after retiring.

I was eager to try a traditional Bavarian dish – pork knuckle, whilst Rich enjoyed a pork schnitzel. We both thoroughly enjoyed, even if it meant having to listen to the too loud conversation coming from the diners sitting directly behind, all of whom were attending a course at the NATO base in town. I now know far more about their jobs, and the course, than I probably should. Someone somewhere needs to brush up on implementing their contract confidentiality clauses, or provide their staff with an in-house canteen.

Bavarian pork knuckle. Only for the brave, or very hungry.
Bavarian pork knuckle. Only for the brave, or very hungry.

What with the wine and magic tricks we were exhausted by 9pm, so headed home via the wood footpath, to enjoy our last sleep in Oberammergau, before heading off to stop number two tomorrow.