Leaving Oberammergau was made a little easier by the torrential rain, and the very kind offer of a lift to the bus station by Andrea, the owner of the apartment. We wiled away the 75 minutes before the next bus to Garmisch by reading, and making frequent trips to the service station for the loo. Fortunately by the third trip they waved me through, rather than expecting me to buy anything.

With our guest cards the bus ticket to Garmisch was free, and the journey incredibly scenic – we’re in the foothills of the Alps proper here. At Garmisch we bought train tickets for Mittenwald, and then nipped next door to the Burger King for lunch, something which we only seem to do when traveling with bags – quick and easy access to food I guess, and no complaints about  luggage taking up seats.

The train trip was as scenic as the bus ride, and before we knew it we were enjoying a coffee in a little cafe outside the station. We stopped off at the tourist information office on the way to our Airbnb apartment for the next 8 nights, to stock up on leaflets and maps. The apartment is on the outskirts of Mittenwald, in the eaves of a very pretty apartment block. Whilst the adjacent road was busier than we’d expected, and the eaves themselves were lower than we thought they’d be, even for me as a short person, the apartment was light and airy with plenty of space for two. I just had to learn to duck sooner – not easy when my sense of proprioception is awry.

After unpacking we headed a handy 5 mins down the road to the Penny supermarket, a chain which we’d last visited in Romania a few years ago. The prices are steeper here in Germany, but still much cheaper than in the UK. By the time we got back to the apartment the road had quietened down, and we were able to enjoy a pre-dinner drink on the balcony, watching the trains sweep into town. Whilst not as peaceful as Oberammergau, it definitely has an appeal of its own, and more facilities if sleepy little towns are not your thing. I knew I’d feel more affection for the place after a good night’s sleep. The perils of traveling as an introvert!

Evening view