Having got fed up of waiting in for the property manager to drop off the tourist cards we’d been promised yesterday, we headed out to find the Kranzberg Sesselbahn chair lift. Unlike the ones in Oberammergau, these are single chair lifts. The operator must have assumed that I knew what to do as he shoved me into one without any instruction. Rich, sitting behind, said that it was worth paying the 11 euro fare just to watch me freaking out in front. Whilst he couldn’t hear me (the being deaf thing), he could see me mouthing the words “where the f*** is the safety bar?!” which it took me a long few seconds to realise was above my head. Even with it pulled down, I was too terrifed to move a muscle, let alone relax and enjoy the ride. Still, after managing to dismount with my pride intact, I could look back and admire the scenery.

We’d decided the follow the ‘Barefoot Trail’. As Rich has nerve damage in his feet and can’t feel much as a result, meaning that he wouldn’t know if he’d caused himself an injury, he compromised and wore his socks. Initially it felt very strange to be walking without footwear, and you definitely use your hip and knee muscles that much more. It was hard work, especially on the gravel, but the pine cones were a revelation – soft and velvety rather than sharp and prickly as you’d expect. Not suprisingly, everyone’s favourite section was the mud pool, which some kids, big and small, waded through again and again. Mud squidging between your toes is indeed a lovely feeling. Rich took the sock sensible option, and walked across the foot bridge.

Back at the beginning of the trail we found a bench with stunning views for our lunch stop, and then headed off for part 2 of our walk – down to Lake Wildensee, and then back up to Grobalm and Mittenwald. Unfortunately we’d not packed our swimming kit as it would have made a perfect bathing spot, but the walk was wonderful – quiet with good footpaths all the way.

In need of some cooling refreshment, we found a cafe and wine shop in the town centre, and then followed side roads back to the shade of the apartment for afternoon naps, and cake.