It’s amazing how different the chairlift experience is when you actually know what you’re doing! Having got the jitters out of the way on the first trip, I was able to relax for the whole ride up to St. Anton, rather than sitting there rigidly to try and avoid falling off.

View from the chairlift

After a quick loo stop at the hut, a mere 40 minutes walking uphill saw us to the Kranzberghaus hut at 1391m, and a panoramic view over the Austrian Alps. We saw only one other person at the top, although more appeared as we descended to Lake Ferchesee. It was still very quiet given the weather though.

After admiring the turqouise magnificence of the lake, we ccontinued on to Lake Lautersee, which has the highest official bathing beach in Germany. As wild swimmers we begrudged having to pay 2.5 Euros for a loo and changing room, so joined the locals at the opposite side of the lake, where there was plenty of room to find a picnic space, and tree to strip off behind. As with Iceland and Scandinavia, there’s less fuss made about nudity here, and people of all shapes and sizes wear whatever the hell they want to enjoy the great outdoors. There’s also far less ogling, so going swimming is more of the fun experience that it’s supposed to be.

The water was beautifully clear and definitely warmer than the spring fed pool in Oberammergau, but still made for a wonderful cool down after the walk. After drying off and enjoying a picnic lunch, we continued on the footpath to the chairlift station, and from there on to the apartment. Unfortunately it had been a bit too much sun for my wibbly head, and I spent the rest of the afternoon in the bed whilst the migraine did its thing, but by dinner time I was pain free, and able to enjoy the slightly cooler evening.

Me swimming in Lautersee